A study permit is a document issued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It is required by someone who wants to study in Canada for a period longer than six months. However, here are some activities which do not require a study permit.

  • Attending a preschool (pre-kindergarten)
  • Completing a distance learning program
  • Taking a course of general interest that is the course is not academic, professional or vocational in nature
  • Doing audit courses
  • Taking courses included in tour packages as a secondary activity for tourists
  • Taking a program of study which is six months or less

In addition to this, a foreign national is exempt from the requirement of a study permit in the following situations:

  • Minor children inside Canada
  • Family members or private staff accompanying a foreign representative accredited by Global Affairs Canada
  • Members of the armed forces designated for the purpose of the Visiting Forces Act
  • Registered Indians

In the above cases, a foreign national may be able to study in Canada for longer than six months without a study permit.