The Letter of Acceptance is very important in the application for a Canada study permit. To obtain a Letter of Acceptance, a student may first submit an application to a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). If a potential student is successful, then the institution may issue a Letter of Acceptance.

The Designated Learning Institutes (DLI) should be familiar with issuing the letter of acceptance for international students. While submitting a letter of acceptance, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) require detailed information about the applicant, the institution that issues the letter of acceptance, and the program the applicant has been accepted into.

Conditional Letter of Acceptance

A Letter of Acceptance may be issued to a potential student stating that the offer of a place in a study program is conditional on the student first completing a course or study program. For example, a foreign national may be accepted to a Bachelor’s Degree program provided that they first complete an English as a second language (ESL) course. When completion of the course is a condition for acceptance into the program, the immigration officer will issue a study permit for the length of the course only.

Exemptions from the Requirement for a Letter of Acceptance

Certain potential students may be exempt from the requirement for a Letter of Acceptance.

  • If a foreign national receives written approval for the temporary study permit before entering Canada, their family members may apply for a study permit without a Letter of Acceptance.
  • Potential students who wish to pursue a study program of six months or less in duration do not need to obtain a Letter of Acceptance, because they do not require a study permit.

Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugees Canada provides a template for the Letter of Acceptance, and instructions for completing the required information. The Letter of Acceptance to study in Canada is an official confirmation that you have a place to study in Canada.