Business Visa Immigration

As a leading Business Visa Consultant in Surrey, BC, Canada, North Pace Immigration looks forward to identifying the best opportunities for its clients to work in Canada. We serve our clients from all regions across Canada and this makes us a reputed business Visa Consultant in BC among others. Here, at North Pace Immigration we take pride in providing you with the best knowledge necessary for you to easily immigrate to Canada for business

Stable Economy

As Canada is a stable economy, it is the perfect opportunity for foreign business owners to expand in this growing market with low risk.

Social Connection to the US

Canada and the U.S. are deeply interwound, as they share a long border, common interests, similar values and a deep level of economic integration.

Low Unemployment Rate

Canada has a low unemployment rate, this makes it easy for job seekers to find more jobs as there are numerous job opportunities for those who previously had difficulty in finding a job.

Starting a new business in Canada is definitely a great way to expand your company and take advantage of the many benefits that the country has to offer. That is why we are here to help grow businesses that are willing to make an impact within the Canadian market. As one of the most renowned Business Visa Consultants in Surrey, we offer various different services ranging from employment solutions and payroll to mandatory contributions administration in Canada.