Universities in Canada offer students with top class education facilities and teaching excellence.To study in Canada you must apply at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) first and then go through the Admission Process.

To get admission in Canada, you will need test scores like GRE, IELTS, etc. Additionally, you need SOPs, LORs and other statements supporting your application and helping you through the admission process.

How to get Admission in Canada

There is no centralized application process for universities in Canada, you have to apply online on the individual universities’ websites. The general process of admission to Canadian universities is as follows:

1. Decide which college or university you want to study in. You will have to choose between

  • French-taught or English-taught program.
  • Level of study, i.e Bachelors, Masters or PhD program.
  • Fall, Winter, or Spring intake,
  • Different provinces in Canada.

Once you have finalised your preferences, visit the college/university website and learn about the application process, deadlines, admission requirements, scholarship options, etc.

2. Register on that particular university portal and fill in the application form with your details, then pay the application fee. Submit your application before the deadline.

3. Upload the required documents before the deadline.

4. Apply for any scholarships in Canada.

5. Afterwards, the university will contact you with an admission offer, via email. You must then confirm your acceptance.

6. The next step is to apply for a study permit in Canada, if the program has a duration longer than 6 months. You will be issued an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) along with the permit.

Requirements for Admission in Canada

Each university website will contain information about the admission requirements of different programs. These include documents with personal information as well as of academic proficiency. The general documents that have to be submitted are:

  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Academic transcripts from your previous institution:-
    • School-leaving certificate, if applying for a Bachelors course
    • Bachelor's degree certificate, if applying to a Masters course
    • Any other relevant certificates of merit,
  • Proof of language proficiency,
  • Letter of recommendation,
  • Resume or CV.

The university admission documents are similar to the ones required to apply for a student visa, but you will need to submit the Letter of Acceptance and your financial statements in addition to those mentioned in the list.