A designated learning institution (DLI) is a school approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students. A letter of acceptance from a DLI is essential for obtaining a Canadian study permit.

Why should students choose DLI in Canada?

It is each Canadian Province or Territory's responsibility to designate schools at the post-secondary level in their respective areas that may enroll international students. The designated learning institutions may include universities, colleges, vocational schools, private career colleges and language schools.

Students should choose Designated Learning Institutes because:

  • It is administered by the federal department or agency.
  • It fulfills all provincial requirements in respect of the delivery of education
  • The qualification acquired from DLI in Canada is recognized world over.

Primary and Secondary Schools

In Canada, all primary and secondary schools are DLIs. In most provinces, these schools offer education from Grade One to Grade Twelve. When a student graduates from secondary school they receive their high school diploma.

Dependent minor children do not need a study permit. If you have minor children and are coming to Canada on a work or study permit, they will be eligible to attend school. There is no need to apply for a separate study permit.

In order to get a Study Permit in Canada, you must have an acceptance letter from an approved DLI, and this is how you can get that:

You’ll have to submit a DLI approved acceptance letter, valid passport or travel document along with the financial proofs depicting you can support yourself and your family members during your study in Canada.

To study in Canada, you will need to prove that you’ll leave the country by the end of your authorised stay. In addition, as a study permit holder you:

  • Shall get enrolled, and remain enrolled, at a DLI until you complete your studies; and
  • Shall actively pursue your study program

So, if you plan to pursue your higher education in Canada, it’s important to ensure that your institution is on the approved list of DLIs, else your study permit stands invalid.