Canada’s Aiming High On Immigration

Canada’s 2021-2023 Immigration Level Plans is an ambitious project as Canada is aiming to welcome around 1.2 million new immigrants over the next three years. To keep its economy strong, Canada welcomes high levels of immigration. Here are some reasons why Canada needs immigrants.

New Canadian Immigration Levels Plan

To offset the economic growth in Canada, policymakers have decided that immigration is the solution. Here are 4 key takeaways from Canada Immigration Levels Plan

  • This plan is the most ambitious in the Canadian history
  • The majority of newcomers will be welcomed through economic pathways
  • Family sponsorship immigration is also set to grow
  • Targets for refugees and asylum seekers have increased

Overall Canada’s immigration level plans for 2021-2023 is a big project and it appears likely that Canada will continue to gradually increase its immigration levels for the foreseeable future as immigration is important for supporting a healthy economy and fiscal situation in the country.